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How Often Should You Replace Your Sleeping Pillow?

When is the time to replace your pillow? We are asked that question often.

So two things happen with pillows.

#One: Your pillows have lost their shape 

They wear out and you know over time they end up having lost their shape. When they're no longer have shapes, they're not providing you any neck or head support. So when they start no longer have shapes, it's time to consider replacing them.

#Two: Your pillows become disgustingly dirty

So what happens with them? People become attached to them. Pillows degrade slowly and so you don't notice the change. People hate to depart with their pillow, but when they not only do not provide neck support and head support, but they can become disgustingly dirty and pillows will yellow over time, they can harbor a lot of bacteria and specifically dust mites.

Dust mites cause no real health threat but the reality is dust mites live off of human dander. They're living on your pillow and they're eating your dead skin cells and they're digesting it. In addition, when they're no longer shape, your pillows don't look good in the pillowcases as well. So one thing you can do is you know obviously replace them.

Some organizations recommend replacing them every year and a half or so, but with a sleeping pillow you can wash them, washing them can help mitigate the dust mite issue and get rid of some of the other bacteria that exist in pillows. Pillows can cause a slight health risk in particular for those that have allergies.

Another thing you might want to consider is putting on a pillow protector. A pillow protector just zips on and off. They just add an extra layer of protection to the pillow.

So, every couple of months, just unzip the pillow protector and wash it. This will prevent that pillow from again becoming yellow due to body oil, drool, and dust mite infestations. For more tips on cleaning pillows, you can refer to our guide on how to wash pillows.

We recommend the down alternative pillows. The reason is they're nice and full, they don't clump up and provide excellent neck and head support. 

We hope this helps. Should you have any questions regarding pillows or bedding related questions, give us a comment or send us an email, we're happy to assist.

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