Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)
Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)

Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows (2-Pack)


Finding a comfortable pillow can often result in asking a slew of questions. Are you a side sleeper or stomach sleeper? Do you prefer something firm or relatively soft? Will you need something designed to keep your head cool overnight? Answering all of these questions will get you one step closer to figuring out the best pillow for your needs. 

For those who are still unsure, look to the thousands of Amazon shoppers who recommend the top-rated Viewstar Set of 2 Down Alternative Hotel Luxury Pillows. These pillows are soft and fluffy, filled with a down alternative that generates wonderful plumpness that doesn't shrink over time. The gusset design (an extra piece of fabric woven between the top and bottom of the pillow) makes it hold its shape better, so you won't have to scrunch and pull the pillow back into its original shape.

The best part about these pillows is that they provide plenty of support for your head and neck — whether you're a side, stomach, or back sleeper. Plus, the pillows are machine washable, so when they need a bit of a makeover, you can just toss them into the laundry and they'll come out like new. Shoppers can choose from three sizes, including standard, queen, and king.

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Customer Reviews

When these arrived I was hesitant because they seemed flimsy a few hours after being opened. Well, I can say is that IT IS A MIRACLE! Because 48 hours later they puffed up and I now have the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever owned. My fingers are crossed that they start this way because I LOOOOOOVE these pillows.

Scarlett's Mom


When I ordered this product I was specifically interested in the fact that is Hypoallergenic. There are lots of people in our family who have allergies, and also our extended family have allergies so it’s nice to have pillows for our children’s room and also guest bedrooms.

Kindle Customer


It is always a little iffy buying pillows, or it has been for me. As a side sleeper I tend to wake up with a sore neck, and that at times can turn into a headache. I purchased these because they were advertised just like hotel pillows. I have never had a problem with hotel pillows, and so I bought them. I am so glad I did! These pillows are soft, yet supportive. I use one of these pillows and then a thinner one on the top. Each morning I fluff them up and it seems like they go back to their original shape. I haven't had them very long so I can't say about their longevity, but so far I am very impressed! If and when the time comes for new pillows, I will be buying these again:)



Wow! This product is genuinely amazing. I’ve gone through several pillows over the years and never liked them. Both the husband and I are very picky. Initially we didn’t like this product. It felt very slim and hurt our neck. After about 48 hours letting it “air out” we’ve fallen in love. It’s now a couple months later and I’m still in love with it! Definitely beats the expensive brands. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who’s picky and has trouble finding good, plush pillows.



Best pillows I have purchased to date.They were vacuumed sealed and started to expand once opened. I have let them sit before using to come to full thickness. Slept on them the past few nights, really love them. Incredibly comfortable, not too high and stiff to cause neck problems and not too soft that there is no support. Queen size is large enough for side sleepers,and they fit my queen size pillow case perfectly. Considering buying a second pair.



I absolutely LOVVVVEEEE these pillows! I am what you would call a "pillow snob". I like my pillows to be fluffy and soft but also firm and supportive. I don't like them to smush, get squished, or lose their shape over time. These pillows have been th best I have bought over the years by farrrrrrr! They're so soft and fluffy but still solid and firm! They sometimes get a little "compacted" from continuously using the same pillow or sleeping in the same position over and over again(I rotate my pillows to slightly avoid this).. but literally folding the pillows four different ways(directions included) to re-fluff them back up works crazy good!! I'm amazingly surprised at how well they re-fluff up! The life just puffs right back into them with little to no effort!