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What's the most popular size of pillows for bedding?

Pillows come in an endless array of different sizes, but within the bedding industry it's a little bit more standardized, so there's not as many choices. I'm going to talk today about some of the most popular sizes.

We're gonna talk to you a little bit about the different sizes used in pillow forms in the bedding industry now.


King-Size Pillow  20x 36

It is 20 tall and it is 36 long, a lot of people don't like the king pillow because it's just a little bit too long, at night you want to sleep in and try to manipulate the pillow, they find that these are just a little bit too long but it's still very popular, but again, some people don't prefer the king-size.


Queen-Size Pillow  20x 30

A queen is somewhat of an aberration, it's not found that frequently. It is 20 tall 30 long and in the bedding industry queen pillowcases are generally not sold, so if you tried to put a standard size pillowcase on queen pillow, the pillow is going to be hanging out of the end of the pillowcase a little bit.

Now some manufacturers produce a standard pillowcase that will accommodate both a queen as well as a standard size pillow.


Standard-Size Pillow  20x 26

The standard likely the most popular size. It is 20 tall 26 in length, they can use two of these on a queen or a full-size bed, and you can use three of them on a king-size bed, it will fill up the entire width of a king-size bed. Again, I think it is the most popular size used for sleeping pillows.

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